Q & A

  1.   I was just wondering if this is an anonymous contest like the Dead-pan contest and how the stories will be posted?
A:   It is anonymous for the week of judging. The story is NOT posted during the judging; it is a document sent to them.  You will then get an email back so you know it is time to post to your own profile. We will then link it to the community.  The public voting and hosts' pick will not be anonymous. We thought this process might be the best of both worlds.    

So when the story is posted it will NOT be anonymous.  You just have to wait 2 weeks.

    2.  Prospective entrants have asked me (Northman Maille or AlisonbyNumbers) how they should include or integrate the song and its title into their entry?

A:     The answer is 'However you like!'

From fanfiction.net  "Actions not allowed :  Copying from a previously published work (including musical lyrics) not in the public domain. "

We have been reliably informed that fanfiction.net prohibit the reproduction of complete, copyrighted lyrics for obvious reasons. Apart from that you may use as much or as little of the song as suits the need of the story. Maybe the one you have chosen doesn't even have lyrics?

Here are just a few examples that have been suggested to and by us of things you could do, please remember they should be viewed as such, not guidelines, rules etc etc. but are an attempt to answer your questions.

  • Be inspired by the title, maybe the title is all you will include. For example 'Let's Spend the Night Together' for a night in the life of our favourite couple.
  • Using one or more lines from the song as part of the dialogue. Can you think of a reason Pam might say 'Papa Don't Preach' or 'These Boots Are Made for Walking'?
  • Gaining inspiration from the story told by the song. If a fight started at Merlotte's and one of your characters ran away, would they be 'The Coward of the County'? Or would they just 'turn and lock the door. If Sookie had dropped a pin, the whole bar would have heard it.'
  • The link can be tenuous or very definite and obvious, neither is better. All we ask is that you use the song title as the entry title, don't reproduce the lyrics completely (you could credit the songwriter or band if you wished) and, please, keep your entry anonymous until we tell you it may be posted on your profile.
When I thought of the idea of this contest I was pleased that this format would give the entrants as free a rein as possible, so most important?

'Rock On' and have fun!