Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Open for submissions!

We are open for submissions, now until July 15th!  Don't wait until the last minute and overload our wonderful judges.

There is lots of contest information available on the blog or Fanfiction profile 

Check the beta page, if you need a beta, we have a few volunteers.  Email me at if you would like to volunteer as a beta, or tweet me at @I_WritetheSongs.

We also have 3 wonderful promo fics:  

Blue Jean  by suki59 

Changes   by onefee27   (this is a multi-chapter fic)

Hole in the River   by Ooshka  

"Let's Get This Party Started"     Anne

Monday, May 14, 2012

Only one week until the submissions start!  Submissions will be accepted May 21- July 15.  This is a LONG submission period, so as last time,  the contest will not be extended.

I have changed things up to allow a few more options in the type of story and also to add an option for a multi-chapter fic.

We are looking for beta volunteers, so if you are interested email me at i.writethesongs.svm, or tweet me at @I_WritetheSongs.   I'll add your fanfiction profile and / or twitter name to this blog on the Beta page so that authors can contact you.

Please email or tweet me (see contest addresses above)  if you have any questions.

Anne    aka Northwoman